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Deviant Donuts brings ingenious creations to Mystic

Walk into Olde Mistick Village’s Vault Coffee Roasters on any weekend morning, and you’ll witness rows of doughnuts made to perfection in enchantingly deviant forms. Doughnuts piped with peanut butter cores are smothered in a mauve strawberry glaze. Others, drenched in a salted caramel glaze, are covered in coconut shreds. Some are showered in a glittering sheen, while others, smeared with a chocolate ganache, are pinned with a pipette of kirsch on top. Oreo cookie bits and a swirl of malted-milk buttercream decorate another row; doughnuts with a merengue swirl caramelized to a golden brown beckon customers with their lemon-filled centers. Click to read more.

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