Alice’s Haunted Little Bookshop

Alice’s Haunted Little Bookshop is a small and unique bookshop inspired by the 18th century Victorian library of Lewis Carroll in Oxford England. A home for special, strange and forgotten books, many of which never had a chance to be on a best seller list or in a traditional bookstore. In fact, you won’t find any current best sellers lurking around, instead a specially curated collection for all ages awaits you on our shelves. Aside from our fabulous books, you can find Victorian items, gifts and even original 19th century newspapers.  When coming to visit us, please beware, things might not always seem to be what they appear as spirits still roam free and Victorian England was not always the safest place to be…. Follow Alice through the looking glass and journey next door to wonderland and into an explosion of color at Alice in the Village completing your trip through one of history’s classic works.