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Teas for the Holidays and Alice in Wonderland Gifts

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – OMV/ Alice in the Village is a unique tea room, gift shop, and treat haven. The store is themed after the original Alice and her Wonderland friends.

We are joined by Marketing and Event Manager, Rochelle Weinrauch to tell you all about what’s offered at OMV/ Alice in the Village.

This is a part of the Olde Mistick Village Merchant Series.

The Mystic Shop opened in June of 2018 and became viral overnight after a video of their tea room gained more than 3.5 million views.

They became the must go place for Alice in Wonderland fans from all over the world!

Upcoming Events:

Alice in the Village will be opening their second location in Patriot Place this winter.

They always have special events like Afternoon Tea with Alice, Wonderland Murder Mystery and more.

“We love it when people come for our tea service dressed as wonderland characters.”

To learn more visit, or Check out their Facebook.

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